Hello world, my education led me to transmit what I can to you. And each being unique, your conception of my intended message may, or let me put it this way, if you don't get it, please feel free to ask.
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The intention of displaying my final artwork, still in wraps from Florida, is to share my vision of the human I could follow. My mentors began early and gave me training to help others, so let my need to visualize this concept soothe you as it did me. Or it will, when unwrapped. Obviously, this is a site under construction.

The intention of this space in the world wide web is to encourage a concept behind software I want to share with legitimate authorities, local, regional and global.

Personally, my family is part of a tribal culture that resists change violently. If my success threatens established interests, I am prepared to pay the price, as the goal is to replace dysfunctional rulers with something even my Orthodox relatives must respect: Law.

In a chaotic world, nation building can start with an application that securely allows individuals to act collectively when needed, leaving authorities to do what they do best: paperwork.

I ask you to imagine a world free of strife and full of opportunity to thrive and choose whether or not to propagate our species. Our children should not be anyone's burden; wisdom dictates that we invest in those who will inherit the future.

A letter of reference from one of my first contracts
A letter from one our first "students"
From the Chief of Police of Delray Beach
From the City of Delray Beach
A letter describing how the program was kept going